Simchas in Seattle

Creating joyous Jewish memories

During the past twenty-five years, Rabbi Rick Harkavy has officiated at hundreds of Jewish and interfaith weddings throughout the United States. Rabbi Harkavy’s philosophy is to make each wedding ceremony as meaningful and unique as possible.

Due to his vast experience working with interfaith couples, Rabbi Harkavy understands the importance of treating people from diverse religious and cultural traditions with the utmost respect. Indeed, he encourages couples to incorporate elements of both faiths and cultures into the ceremony.

Rabbi Harkavy views each wedding ceremony as an opportunity to welcome a couple into the Jewish community.  Couples should be welcomed with open minds and open arms.

Rabbi Harkavy wants your wedding to be a simcha, a joyous event.

 Rabbi Rick Harkavy

Phone: 206.962.1436




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  • "Dear Rabbi: Thank you again,... it was a wonderful ceremony and you were great. I know we will have a blessed marriage! Last night we watched the video of the ceremony an..."
    Vera and Bill